Insecure guys are drawn to you because of your specialness, reliability, and possession of attributes associated with motherhood, in which they can confide. - Why Do I Attract Insecure Guys

Being insecure is an act of being less protective of oneself, you are prone to attract insecure guys as a means to an end for them.

Insecure guys are likely to prey on your confidence because they see that is the best way to stay secure. 

Not really a bad idea, but might not be too healthy for you.

Some guys feel they can hide under the shadow of a secure or confident woman, so as to cover up their weakness.

However, you should keep track of your own weakness so as to understand or have more in depth knowledge of why you get attracted to less confident guys.

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The reason for you meeting insecure guys could likely be that you are in some way insecure.

Insecure men will love to find a perfect match for themselve, finding a woman who is as insecure as them could be a perfect match as it will not expose their weakness. 

Nevertheless, it is most likely that insecure guys get attracted to you because they find confidence in you, with the aim to boost their own confidence.

However, there are other certain qualities in a woman to why they get attracted to insecure guys which you may not be aware of.


Why You Attract Insecure Guys

You attract Insecure guys because of your specialness, reliability, and possession of attributes associated with motherhood, in which they can confide.


  1. Confidence: You get attracted to Insecure guys who might seek out confident women to gain a sense of validation or reassurance. They likely choose you so as to build their own confidence overtime
  2. Nurturing nature: Some insecure guys love to be cared for or like being pampered. This may sound odd but that is the fact, insecure men are drawn to caring, nurturing personalities as they seek support and comfort.
  3. Empathy: Insecure guys find a dwelling place to hide their shame or weakness. Women who show understanding and empathy might attract insecure men seeking emotional support.
  4. Need for validation: Insecure guys might be attracted to women they perceive as popular or attractive, hoping it boosts their own image.
  5. Similarities in insecurities: Sometimes, shared insecurities can create a connection, as they might understand each other’s struggles. An insecure man can overcome his struggles by finding a mate who lacks confidence, keep in mind that a shared struggle is half solved if willing to embrace progress.
  6. Stability: Some insecure men might seek out women who exude stability and consistency, providing a sense of security. It is impossible to find stability in the same weakness. Insecure guys will always look for a stable woman with a sense of security. 
  7. Independence: An independent woman is automatically a confident woman who is ready to face her  problems as it arises with little or no help from a man. Women who are independent and self-sufficient can be appealing to insecure men who admire those qualities.
  8. Kindness: Perhaps you have a heart of kindnes. Insecure guys might be drawn to kind-hearted women, hoping to be treated with compassion and understanding.
  9. Physical appearance: Some insecure individuals might focus on a partner’s physical appearance, seeking validation through a partner they perceive as attractive.
  10. Intelligence: Women who display intelligence and knowledge may attract insecure men who admire these traits and seek intellectual stimulation.
  11. Similar life experiences: You are vulnerable to attract insecure guys if you share similar life experiences. Shared experiences of past insecurities or challenges might create a strong bond between an insecure man and a woman with similar experiences.

While considering some of the certain reasons why you are attracted to insecure guys, keep in mind that the majority of this men are loyal and caring men, they might be too sensitive which could trigger a sense of insecurity, but trust me, many of these men lack confidence majorly from a terrifying and traumatic life experience.