13 Daily Goals Ideas To Keep You Going Forward

One of the most difficult things to do in recent times is setting and accomplishing daily goals. This is as a result of how fast the world is moving that many people forget about their personal well-being but rather chase the storm of life.

How To Set Daily Goals

Many people want to get rich, famous, successful and wealthy, but little do they know and for those who know forget to understand that personal development is a crucial factor and also plays a very large part to how well we can achieve our aim.

Without daily goals, making it part of our daily routine in life can juperdice that which we have been longing to have or achieve in life.

Setting daily goals is like fuelling a vehicle, and warming it up against the destination it is about to go. This will make a person be aware of one’s weakness and strengths before embarking on daily activities.

The fun part of daily goals is that, the better you practice, make it a daily routine the more acquainted and addicted you get and the better promising the day will bring. The sad truth is that only few people are aware of this fact.

Daily goals ideas to set

The 13 Daily Goals To Make a Routine

That being said, here are the list of daily goals to help you make your day a successful one.

  1. Thanksgiving
  2. Read One Book
  3. Exercise your body
  4. Connect with yourself
  5. Meet One new person
  6. Help one person
  7. Ask for Advice
  8. Eat fruit
  9. Learn to forgive
  10. Practice tiny gain
  11. Watch 30mins of motivational video
  12. Spend time quiet
  13. Reduce social media visit

1. Thanksgiving: It is very sad that many people who are religious do not remember to thank God for life the moment they could open their eyes to see a new day.

All that comes into most people’s mind is how to make the day a successful one, forgetting that only the living can think or work.

Learn to forget about how to become rich and successful at that very time you wake up but instead thank God for life.

2. Read One book daily: Knowledgeable is power, to get that power is to know how to source information. Practicing reading as a daily goal can provide you with most of the information you need to keep your day going.

It does not mean you should read a full book, you can learn to spend an hour reading everyday. This will give you insight, enlightenment and information about general and hidden facts about life and how to make your day pleasant.

3. Exercise your body: Physical fitness is essential to carry out daily activities. When we sleep the muscles in our body relaxes because the brain is at rest. It is important to exercise your body on a daily routine. Making exercise one of your major daily goals can give you a smoother and better experience to beat time and also be more energetic at work.

4. Connect with yourself: Connecting with yourself means finding happiness within yourself. You should always find a reason to stay focused and happy before setting out. One of the reasons why many people can’t connect with themselves is the monday mood. The act of feeling down and low on a Monday morning. It can also happen any day. The best way to combat this is to find happiness within yourself and try to do the opposite of what is making you feel down, low, sad or depressed.

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5. Meet someone new: One of the most important daily goals to put into practice is to meet new people. It does not matter if you get to know just one person per day, week or month. Since having a lot of friends does not guarantee success and moreover, too many friends can lead to having so much bad fruit in one basket. Taking your time to be selective in choosing your friends wisely can help achieve excellence in daily life.

6. Help one person: Be it charity, protecting or any form of giving can go a long way while setting daily goals. Remember that helping one is helping all. It does not matter how many people you help, if you feel like helping many people but you don’t know how, start from helping one person daily and make it your daily goal. With time, you would have achieved a lot before you know it.

7. Seek for Advice: Nothing more advisable than asking for advice. As the saying goes “He who asks doesn’t lack”. Be it knowledge or help. Seeking advice is just like getting information you did not pay for.

8. Eat fruit: In everything you do, make sure you eat a lot of fruits, before and after eating. This can boost your immune system and make you more energetic to get the day going.

9. Learn to forgive: Living everyday like it’s your last is a life worth living. Make forgiveness part of your daily goals to have a complete free life or worse and mind disturbing and distracting issues. Everyday you will be offended, everyday you should learn to forgive.

10. Practice tiny gain: Most people want instant gratification, quick results of things they know they can’t achieve instantly when in their right minds. But sadly the world we live in has more pace than we can ever imagine. The more work gets easier with the use of technology the more people want results at an instance.

Putting tiny gains into daily goals and practising every skill, splitting or breaking every rigorous task in bits can do a lot of help. It does not matter how long you start, what matters is how well you have gone and what you are able to achieve. Sometimes achieving a certain thing or plan can be very cumbersome. Splitting it into a daily task can make you achieve better results. Irrespective of how long it takes, all that matters is the result. Remember, slow and steady wins.

11. Watch 30mins of motivational video: Many people do not know how to get back on track or to their winning ways simply because they lack motivation. Reason being, they do not make motivational talk a practice. Try to always spend at least 30mins on daily motivational videos. I don’t mean your religious leader’s speech, I mean random motivational speech from philosophers and great thinkers.

12. Reduce social media visit: Without a doubt, the cause of depression, moodswing, heartbreak, peer pressure and other mental damage is as a result of how we make social media influence our daily life. To combat this kind of lifestyle, knowing that social media is a place for insanity is one way to avoid the harbour it brings to ourselves. Many things are happening on the internet that people want for themselves but forget to realise that 90% of them are fake and fantasy that can never come into reality. Avoid frequent daily social media visits, reduce how you visit the place to avoid being intimidated.

13. Spend time quiet: Have some quiet time with yourself. Learn to speak with your inner mind and let it connect with you spiritually, physically and mentally. Quiet time with yourself purifies the mind, Set quiet time for yourself as one of the major daily goals to achieve in strengthening your mind. I hope these list gives insight on helpful daily goals.

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