21 Issues in Relationship To Solve Early Before Marriage

There are many issues in a relationship to battle with but these issues in relationship are the main factors of a failed relationship which lovers do not pay close attention to.

True love isn’t magic, finding a compatible partner isn’t by chance, you have to work for it by facing and overcoming issues in relationship.

Issues in relationship

Relationships are beautiful when everything goes well as planned, it is loving when lovers seem to find no fault in each other. 

Finding no fault in a relationship likely means lovers haven’t done their assignment right.

Like it or not a good relationship leading to somewhere reasonable will always come with a fight.

This fight does not mean lousy or prolonged issues, it might just be a little fault that lovers found each other at some unexpected time.

Many people who do not really understand how things actually work in a relationship or are new to relationship problems tend to see issues as a sign of negative energy that means and makes them quickly come to the conclusion that their relationship isn’t heading nowhere or won’t be something fruitful in the end.

Do not forget, “iron sharpens iron” that before an iron can be smooth there is always another iron, not ston, clay or wood that sharpens the iron better, in the process of the this two irons go into a fight, they spark and get hot while trying to get the best out of each other.

They blend in and sharpen each other until things get well.

But I have observed that the problem with the world today is that people do not want to experience nor pass through this time. They do not want to experience any issues in relationship but rather want a smooth, fair and instant gratification relationship that has no flaws.

Forgetting the fact that nothing good comes easy is simply the most common relationship problems people fail to admit to.

It isn’t magic, you can not escape relationship problems while dating. It is a tradition, and how hard you let the problems get into you depends on the sacrifice you make and responsibility you take upon yourself to monitor and understand your relationship flaws by quickly taking note of your and partners weakness and strength early enough at the start of a relationship.

The start of a relationship is simply the foundation, the point at which you can quickly figure out what, where and how to know and resolve relationship problems.

But many people tend to ignore the importance of starting a relationship. I tell people, starting a relationship or finding love is easy but maintaining that which you love is something different.

Only if you can admit to the issues in relationship which I will discuss here, then you can have a good healthy relationship you dream or hope for.

21 Issues in Relationship To Solve

  1. Privacy: If I tell lovers to give room for privacy, they do feel maybe I do not want the best for their relationship. It is these same lovers that come back to say I need a break.

You see, you will shock up your partner if they do have some free time for themselves and not only that, they need time to handle themselves by giving phone privacy, work and others.

Privacy is a issue in relationships many lovers fail to pay attention to. You don’t need to monitor someone who is truly committed, they know what they want.

2. Misinterpretation of action or words: Words are powerful, it can make and mar a person if used wrongly. But we need to understand how we place and interpret words, some words are said out of anger, some out of anxiety or fear. It is best to always be a good listener before coming to a conclusion. Some words are just said and not ment and vice versa.

3. Communicating with your ex: Though, many people do not find fault in communicating with their ex. They tell me but it does not mean anything. This I laugh out loud to, after with silence and a big smile and a sort of worried face to show that, truly chatting or communicating with ex while you are in a relationship isn’t bad.

But still one of the most dangerous thing to do in terms of hurting our present relationships. Sincerely, anyone can chat with ex but the question is, to what extent, how was your ex to you and how strong is your heart to hold onto your words of not going back.

It most times happens like a charm that many relationships get destroyed because they somehow give in to their past subconsciously.  You will not know how until it happens. 

Communicating with ex is a relationship problem that many people see as no big deal. The thing is, if your partner says they don’t want it, just respect their opinion and move on, but if you see not reason  to stop, then keep in mind that your relationship could dramatically fall out of shape

4. Cheating: It is sincerely hard to take cheating out of a relationship, even in married couples, but when your spouse or partner stops cheating and you confirm it, please respect them. They have made a very important, clear decision, but if they do not stop, there are ways to stop a cheating partner. Cheating is one of the most common relationship problems to overcome.

5. Negligence: This word itself is annoying and frustrating not to experience it in a relationship, it demoralises feelings and makes partner worthless. Negligence can kill someone who isn’t strong, it is a relationship problem for a partner who can not cope with ignorance.

6. Self centred: It is in the human genes to be selfish and self centred but not acceptable for a relationship. You can be self centred in games but not when it comes to love affairs. 

7. Lack of money: In this very generation, money is the true meaning of love and respect, it is the foundation to having a long lasting relationship to this day. My advice for people out there, when you truly want love, make money.

8. Liability: Just like not having money, having a partner who can not stand for his or herself becomes a liability; a relationship problem. I have always said, if you do not have money, have values, something promising, futuristic, something to hold on to, something that gives hope to your partner.

9. Illiteracy: It is not about being educated this time, it is about how to apply common sense to things. Some people are educated but lack knowledge and wisdom, while people who are illiterate are doing so well in applying common sense to what they know and they grow. Inability to apply common sense to things is a disease, a relationship problem in itself.

10. Dressing: This is mostly a common problem in marriage. Many couples feel too relaxed and less attractive when they settle down, while some are worse before marriage. You should always improve your dressing to attract your partner. 

11. Communication: The tempo at which you start a relationship should be maintained. Don’t start a relationship at a pace you can not control in terms of communication. Partners are likely to feel you are not engaging or giving them attention as before.

12. Mutual understanding: Not being able to vaush for your partner even when they aren’t there means a relationship lacks understanding. Lovers should be able to predict and trust their partner.

13. Diverse ideology: Believing in different things or having a completely different ideology about things is a relationship problems that needs attention. It mostly happens in religion, and how we apply common sense to things.

14. Intimacy: Relationship without no intimacy is already a failed relationship, such a relationship lack fun, happiness and friendship between partners.

15. Luxury: Choosing luxury life over love is a relationship problem that many end up having. Many others choose material things over true love while setting up a fling relationship without the partner’s awareness.

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16. Social media: There are troubles in relationships as we speak, not for another reason than how people engage, giving attention to social networks rather than their relationship. Though social media has helpedĀ  long distance relationships in some meaningful ways, it still remains a relationship problems lovers struggle with.

17. Commitment: Actually, dissatisfaction is one of the major issues many relationships face. Many people are never content with what they have, they always want more due to selfishness, greed, trends, and peer and social pressure.

18. Sex: It is believed that sex should only hold between husband and wife but instead, sex has been a norms that every relationship can’t do without. Some believe it is what makes bonds and makes relationships stronger, yet end up with a broken heart.

19. Lack of purpose: A relationship without vision or purpose is a waste of time. One can be blinded with love at first that they may not find fault or see a need for a purpose but with time a reasonable and responsible person will know that a relationship with purpose is faulty.

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20. Trust issues: This mostly happens when lovers dwell in their past. Not letting go of your past isn’t the solution to having a good relationship but rather not correcting mistakes made in the past and using it upon the present is worse.

21. Perfection: Many people love a finished relationship. A relationship with no fault, full of perfection. Expecting this is simply a way of causing problems to yourself. 

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