It quite significant for many guys, ranging from 60% to 83% of their moments and days within a month. 

For guys to think about the girl they like signs a feeling of commitment. To determine how often guys think about the girl they like is based on individual preferences.

However, It’s common for guys to think about the girl they like quite frequently. Feelings often influence thoughts, so if a guy has strong feelings for the girl they like, he might think about them quite often throughout the day.

It quite significant for many guys, ranging from 60% to 83% of their moments and days within a month. 

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Though, the strength of individual feelings are not the same, while some guys may develop very strong feelings for a girl which could be somehow observed, as many of these guys with strong feelings might not be able to control themselves, making it obvious that he continually think about a girl. 

Feeling emotionally inclined with a girl can make guys think about the girl they like more often. This will always intensify over time as the bond becomes stronger.

Intimacy also plays a big role in determining how often guys think about the girl they like. When a guy and girl are like minded and share the same or similar relationship ideas and mindset, the connection between  partners becomes stronger. 

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There are some other guys who hide their feelings and almost never express their feelings or how often they think about a girl they like to know because they feel it is sensitive and might cost them.

Here are some reasons why guys often think about the girl they like but never show it.

  1. Shyness or Nervousness: They might feel hesitant or nervous about expressing their feelings, fearing rejection or awkwardness.
  2. Fear of Ruining the Friendship: They might value the friendship and worry that revealing their feelings could change or damage the existing relationship.
  3. Insecurity: Some guys might doubt their own attractiveness or suitability, leading them to keep their feelings hidden.
  4. Respect for Boundaries: They might be respectful of the other person’s space and not want to make them uncomfortable or pressured.
  5. Personal Issues: They could have personal reasons, such as a recent breakup or life circumstances, that make them hesitant to pursue a romantic relationship at that moment.
  6. Cultural or Social Norms: Cultural or societal expectations might influence them to keep their feelings private until they feel more certain or until the right moment arises.
  7. Fear of Being Exposed: They might fear that if their feelings are known, they could be vulnerable or judged by others, which might make them uncomfortable or anxious.
  8. Social and Cultural Norms: Prevailing societal norms or cultural expectations might dictate a reserved approach towards displaying emotions, especially in romantic contexts, thereby compelling them to conceal their feelings.
  9. Uncertainty about Reciprocation: There’s often a fear of unrequited feelings or uncertainty regarding the girl’s response, which dissuades them from divulging their emotions openly.
  10. Feeling of Insecurity: This could stem from not feeling confident enough about themselves or feeling inadequate compared to the person they like, leading them to keep their emotions hidden.
  11. Feeling of Weakness: Some individuals might perceive expressing emotions as a sign of vulnerability or weakness, which they prefer to avoid, especially if they want to maintain a strong or composed image.
  12. Fear of Overcommitment: They might worry that if they express their feelings, they’ll be expected to commit to a relationship or level of emotional involvement they aren’t ready for or sure about yet.

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These feelings and fears can significantly influence someone’s decision to keep their emotions concealed, despite thinking about the person they like frequently.

How Often Do Guys Think About The Girl They Like

How often do guys think about the girl they like? It quite significant for many guys, ranging from 52% to 83% of their moments and days within a month. 

However, this percentage can fluctuate greatly among individuals and might be influenced by various factors such as work commitments, scheduling of activities, and the ability to stay focused amidst other distractions.

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While some guys might find themselves frequently absorbed in thoughts about the girl they like, others could navigate their daily lives with different levels of focus on those feelings.

Workloads, personal priorities, and the ability to manage distractions play pivotal roles in determining the extent to which someone consistently ruminates about the person they’re interested in.

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Hence, while a substantial portion of a guy’s mental space may indeed be occupied by thoughts of the girl they fancy, the actual percentage can vary significantly based on individual circumstances, responsibilities, and the capacity to balance emotions with other life commitments.

Each individual is unique, and there could be a combination of these or other reasons influencing why someone doesn’t express their feelings.