Some men find the energy emitted by mean women appealing. - Why men like mean women.

Understanding why some men are drawn to spirited, assertive women is reasonable. However, not every man prefers such qualities; nonetheless, those who do often find them more appealing than women with simpler dispositions. These men perceive mean women as possessing a competitive edge and an energetic, spirited aura.


Some men find the energy emitted by mean women appealing. - Why men like mean women.


Personal preferences vary widely among individuals, and what one man finds deeply attractive may often contrast with the preferences of others. These desires tend to be unique to each person and aren’t necessarily linked to age or physical attributes.


What Does it Mean to be Mean

Being mean encompasses negative traits like being unkind, hurtful, or intentionally disrespectful toward others. This behavior can manifest in various harmful ways, such as belittling, speaking harshly, mocking, or causing both physical and emotional distress, often without feeling remorse for these actions.


Indeed, many resilient men are drawn to challenges, something that pushes their limits or offers competition. This often fuels their drive to pursue or be attracted to women with a more assertive or challenging demeanor.

Some men find the energy emitted by mean women appealing. However, this vibe can often be toxic and damaging. Despite this, many guys attracted to mean women seem unconcerned about the potential negative consequences.

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Mean girls lack feelings nor empathy towards her man’s feelings, they just don’t care, and some men like mean women with this traits they possess.


Why Men Like Mena Women 

1. Competitive: Men who like mean women believe that these girls are crazily competitive in nature, they never settle for equality or normality. Mean girls will always want to be ahead of their man, heavily in competition either with violence or otherwise.


2. Crazy and toxicity: Guys like mean girls for their crazy attitude, mean girls have some negative attributes such as unkind, hurtful, or intentionally disrespectful towards others. Which can manifest unpleasantly harmful. The reason for these is that many guys love negative energy.


3. Challenge: Mean women always want to be in competition with other men. They rather compete with men than their fellow women which some men find it attractive. Most mean women tend to be alpha female as their taste is higer than other girls.


3. Fling : Some men love mean women because they accommodate fling. A fling is a kind of sexual but short relationship which involes wild behaviour. 


4. Naughty lifestyle: Most mean girls like to club, highly engage in toxic social life,  they prefer a man who has or who possesses thesame vibes, they don’t want a dulling moment.


5. Like to explore: Mean girls are wild, experience expecially in their sexual life. Their orientation about sex is always top notch and always like to engage in more complex, erotic sexual experience. This is always a green flag for many men who like mean women.


6. Break boundaries: Breaking boundaries or challenging societal norms might attract some men to women they perceive as “mean” because it can be mistaken for confidence or assertiveness. However, it’s important to note that being mean or disrespectful isn’t the same as setting boundaries or being assertive. True confidence and assertiveness respect boundaries without resorting to unkindness or cruelty. People are drawn to confidence, but it’s crucial to differentiate between confidence and meanness.


7. Hard hearted: Some men don’t like simple girls, that quickly get emotional,  especially girls that says sorry even though they aren’t wrong just to keep out of relationship issues. Mean like mean girls because they are heartless and hard heartened, women who can not just settle for less when argument arises.