To effectively communicate with a narcissist, you are faced with two options. Firstly, you must adopting a psychopathic approach. Secondly, incorporate some traits of a narcissist.

Good communication skills are required to maintain any form of relationships. Failure to learn this skill set can in a short time create a big distance between two people. Recognizing the importance can help you know how to communicate with a narcissist effectively.

If a person lacks good communication skills, such a person will always find it difficult to communicate with a narcissist. As this set of personality can be so complex and complicated to manage.

To effectively communicate with a narcissist, you are faced with two options. Firstly, you must adopting a psychopathic approach. Secondly,  incorporate some traits of a narcissist.

Building a good relationship with a person who cares only about themselves, who thinks very highly of themselves, who believes they are superior to every other person, who lacks empathy for others is one of the most difficult things to handle.

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These traits alone of a narcissist is simply a red flag but there are situations where it requires you to communicate with a narcissist without having any other way around this difficult moment.


How To Communicate With a Narcissist Effectively

  • To effectively communicate with a narcissist, you are faced with two options. Firstly, you must adopting a psychopathic approach, characterized by emotional detachment and calculated decision-making, can provide a strategic advantage in managing the complexities of the interaction.
  • Secondly, incorporating some traits of a narcissist, such as confidence and assertiveness, becomes essential to convey information successfully within the unique dynamics of communicating with this personality type. Balancing these two approaches strategically allows for a more nuanced and adaptable communication strategy when dealing with narcissistic individuals.

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Approach to Interact with a Narcissist

  1. Feel important: A narcissist will be very different to communicate with if you can not feel important of yourself. Keep in mind that narcissists are extremely sensitive to weakness, they always look for who to prey on, especially when they sense your weakness. You have to be bold, confident, authoritative and arrogant to communicate with a narcissist.

2. Make use of reverse physiology: Leverage Reverse Psychology: Employ the technique of reverse psychology to guide the conversation in your favor. Skillfully manipulate the situation by strategically requesting the opposite of what you truly desire. Using this technique works effectively well when communicating with a narcissist. This is a strategy to convert someone to succumb to your own wants by requesting for you don’t want. Reverse physiology is manipulative, it demands a great sense of control to actualize or manifest your own want. If used properly, you can successfully communicate with a narcissist.

3. Show great level of entitlement: If you are not showing a great level of ownership or entitlement a narcissist might not listen to you no matter how you try. A strong show of entitlement will convince a narcissist that you know exactly what you are doing. Entitlement consists of a show of dominance, a narcissist will always want to interact with that kind of enthusiasm behaviour.

4. Develop Charismatic Presence: Embrace confidence, boldness, and authority in your communication with a narcissist. Remember, charisma can disarm their sensitivity to weakness, leaving a narcissist with no choice than to listen to you or give you approval.

5. Assert Dominance: Transform into a dictator-like figure during interactions. Narcissists respond well to individuals who exude dominance and control. They are most likely to interact more with a person who asserts a great level of dominance.

6. Feed on Their Mistakes: Seize opportunities to highlight a narcissist’s errors subtly. While communicating with a narcissist, they may be more receptive when their mistakes are acknowledged tactfully. This inturn gives you an edge over their authoritative behaviour while playing the card in your favour.

7. Take Affirmative Action: Demonstrate unwavering confidence and take decisive actions. Narcissists tend to respond positively to individuals who display a strong sense of entitlement and ownership.

8. Assume a Psychopathic Approach: Adopt traits of a psychopath when necessary, showcasing emotional detachment and calculated decision-making. This approach  can be surprisingly effective for you to navigate the complexities of communicating with a narcissist.