At times we let go of our lovers mistakes not because we’re scared but for love sake. And even if you are scared of him because he is a man. There always limit to your silence. As a woman, all you need is the right trick to make him realize he made a mistake without a fight.

There are times a person makes mistakes unknowingly, there are other times mistakes are made out of ignorance. Lack of knowledge or awareness of mistakes can cause a very severe problem in relationships.


How to make him realize he made a mistake without a fight.


While you may think he knows he made mistakes and you reacted on his ignorance of not knowing, it is a harmful thing that can cause a relationship a lot of Havok.  There could be other times that man makes mistakes but wouldn’t want to admit to the fact that he made mistakes.

Probable because he wants to show he is the man, or do not want that to devalue is reputation or standard, he then tries to ignore his mistakes or act like he didn’t do anything wrong, even sometimes blaming you for his own mistake just to let it slide and do not want to take responsibilities for his actions.

This is very frustrating, I know it might have been a very big burden to you that you do not know how to tell him or make him realize he has made a mistake.

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However, there are other men who deliberately do not want to listen to corrections, they are just adamant, ignorant, silly, selfish, egoistic and foolish. They do believe they know it all, while feeling important at that which they claim they know, trying to defend it with their last breath.

Do not mind them, little do they know that no man is an island of knowledge, what mostly happens is that men who fail to realize he has made a mistake are mostly primitive in knowledge.

They argue blindly to the things that are glaring to the eye. Some men always feel that spirit is superior to their woman forgetting that a good relationship is all about equality and intimacy.

Check any relationship you know out there that one partner fails to listen to or take to corrections when the other person is trying to make him realize he made a mistake. That kind of relationship does not and will not in any way have a happy ending.

Not taking correction when a man is to realise he made a mistake is a sign of a toxic relationship, the bitter truth is that things will not work well if such a relationship leads to courtship or even marriages.

This is why it is important to know the different journeys in a relationship, so as not to have gone too far without having a grounded understanding of each stage in the relationship.

Nevertheless, if you are already in marriage with a man who found fault in taking corrections, it is not too late to make him realize he made a mistake. Just that, making him realize he is at fault will need a lot of caution, patience and other factors I shall be discussing below.

1. Lead by example: A person who will not listen can not correct someone who is faulty. A person who does not listen to corrections can not make other people realise they have made mistakes. If you want him to listen to you, you need to be someone who listens to corrections without questioning.

This attitude of yours alone can make him listen if you share with him how much you have been listening to him without opposing his instructions. Simply let him know you listened to him because you love him and not because he is superior to you. Tell him with a soft voice and a pleasant heart.

2. Patience: Do not try to make him realize he made a mistake, if you aren’t a patient person either. Do not correct him in public no matter how hurt you are or how embarrassing it feels, only a patient person can do this, only a patient woman can make a stubborn man realise he made a mistake without involving a third party.

3. Violence: You can not act violent if you have a violent man. You cannot kill fire with fire but if you have a calm man who does not realise his mistake then act violent. Wait! Did I just say act violent? Oh no, do not try to act violent to a calm man, “Every man has a devil sitting down in them, it only takes violence to trigger the demon”.

4. Value: Do you have a reasonable value in your relationship or you are nothing but what a man uses to pass time? One bitter truth I will tell you frankly is that no man will want to lose a woman if she has a great value she possesses and contributes to the relationship.

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Even if he does not listen to you at first, it does not mean he will not listen. If you have value you possess to make him realize he made a mistake is a piece of cake. Sweet and easy.

5. Temperament: Do go into a relationship with a man you can not control his temperaments and if you find yourself in such a relationship. You can easily check out ways to handle a temperamental partner.

6. Spot his good mood: Only in a good mood will a man listen to corrections, do not make a man realize his mistakes when he is angry or when issues haven’t died down.

7. Take your time: Not instantly after an issue occurs should you choose to make him realize he made a mistake. If you do so you may end up tearing things apart, which you may later regret.

8. Find his weakness: Though, women do feel that men have this arrogant, frightened, terrifying lion scary heart that they can not be controlled, but that isn’t true, no man is so strong that do not have weakness.

9. Give him instances: Don’t just work up to a man and tell him what he has done is wrong, it will not end well. If you want peace then you have to make peace by giving your man instances, let him see it in a different view, maybe through life experience of other people who have encountered such mistakes and how to get out of it.

10. Make him proud: Only a woman who makes his man proud will always have an easy say. I say always? Yes, I mean always and always will have a great advantage over everyone else. To make him realize he made a mistake is to make him proud of you as a woman.

11. Act just like him: If you want to catch a monkey, you dare not do it like a lion. Acting upon that which he has done will never solve any problem. Infact, it’s like increasing the tempo. You need to play along, ack like he is correct but have it in the back of your mind to correct him later when you are both in the best mood of your lives.

Tricks To Make Him Realize He Made A Mistake

If you want to make him realize he made a mistake is to admit he is right, acknowledge what he did, praise him at that moment, then give him sometime and let it slide, call him back after a week or two after you have followed these tricks listed, then only make him realize he made a mistake when he is in a good mood.