Monthly goals ideas

One of the most difficult things to do in recent times is setting and accomplishing monthly goals. Setting up daily goals is tasking and only few people do know how to manifest monthly goals.

How To Set Monthly Goals

Making monthly goals a reality is to first start by setting and accomplishing daily goals.

There is little or no difference in setting monthly goals when daily goals are successfully accomplished.

However, since it is a 30 days routine, and it also falls at the end of the month to make a complete goal, it is wise to add some additional goals to the previous daily goals we have recently talked about in the previous post.

Monthly goals ideas to set

To make the monthly goals complete is to add some additional tasks. When acquainted with daily goals, accomplishing monthly goals will be more easier

Without monthly goals a person’s life can be juperdice in a few years. Most especially the working class.

One thing people don’t really understand is that the more you figure out your daily goals and make your monthly task your routine and it becomes part of you, the easier life becomes.

22 Monthly Goals To Manifest

Here are the list of monthy goals to help you make your day a successful one.

1. Have fun: In everything you do, be it that you are trying to set monthly goals or not, let your happiness come first. Stay away from anything that won’t give you joy or peace of mind. It is when you are happy that you can successfully achieve your monthly goals. Make sure you have fun at least everyday, week or month. Enjoy life to the fullest but at the same time you need to be smart about it.

2. Clear debt: You can not leave in debt and have savings. That saving is automatically a debt, it is important to try to clear your debt then you save. You can not also live in debt and expect to be free, take it into your monthly goals to clear your debt, if not instant, do it gradually until you are completely free.

3. Cut expenses: One of the reasons why people work so hard but still remain broke is because they can not cut their coarts according to their size. Many people spend more than their income and could not differentiate between liability and assets. You should understand that there are things you do want but do not really need. These are things that take away your money. Setting monthly goals by cutting down expenses can set you free from financial disaster.

4. Have a monthly budget: It is wise to plan ahead of the coming month so as to have an idea of what is to come or be prepared for what is to come. Monthly budget can give you a head up for successful money goals.

5. Plan for emergency: When spending, it is important to save for rainy days. A time where you might have no one to call on, a time when you can make it happen even when people let you down at the time you need them the most. Planning for emergencies is one of the important monthly goals to accomplish.

6. Complete reading a book: Knowledge is power, to get that power is to know how to source information. Practicing reading as a daily goal can provide you with most of the information you need to keep your day going.

It does not mean you should read a full book, you can learn to spend an hour reading everyday. This will give you insight, enlightenment and information about general and hidden facts about life and how to make your day pleasant.

7. Learn to save: Saving for emergencies is one thing, saving for personal needs is another. Make sure you have at least 5% or 10% of your monthly income saved. Don’t over spend or spend as you make. Rich and successful people save to stay out of debt, do this and thank yourself later.

8. Workout: Physical fitness is essential to carry out daily activities. When we sleep the muscles in our body relaxes because the brain is at rest. It is important to exercise your body on a daily routine for a month. Making exercise one of your major monthly goals can give you a smoother and better experience to beat time and also be more energetic at work.

9. Connect with yourself: Connecting with yourself means finding happiness within yourself. You should always find a reason to stay focused and happy before setting out. One of the reasons why many people can’t connect with themselves is the monday blues. The act of feeling down and low on a Monday morning. It can also happen any day. The best way to combat this is to find happiness within yourself and try to do the opposite of what is making you feel down, low, sad or depressed.

10. Invest: investment is the game of the wise. After a 7 to 7 shift from work for a month, a wise person let his money work for him. Simply by investing in real estate businesses, or other people’s business to make some percentage of their profit.

11. Meet someone new: One of the most important monthly goals to put into practice is to meet new people. It does not matter if you get to know just one person per day, week or month. Since having a lot of friends does not guarantee success and moreover, too many friends can lead to having so much bad fruit in one basket. Taking your time to be selective in choosing your friends wisely can help achieve excellence in daily life.

12. Grow your assets: You might be thinking you do not have any assets, that the rich are the ones who have assets to grow, so this set of monthly goals isn’t for you. You are actually getting it wrong. Assets can be in any form, it does not mean a house, car, or large business. Anything that can earn you more money is an asset, be it physical or not.

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For example your skill set can be your assets and growing it by developing yourself will at some point fetch you more income. This is why I say, never stop developing yourself. Knowledge is endless.

13. Learn skills: Start your own side hustle business to make more income. Don’t stop learning, learn new skills and be consistent with what you do. The world is ever changing, important oneself by learning new skills gives a higher chance for more opportunities to come your way and also make you stand relevant.

14. Help one person: Be it charity, protecting or any form of giving can go a long way while setting monthly goals. Remember that helping one is helping all. It does not matter how many people you help, if you feel like helping many people but you don’t know how, start from helping one person daily and make it your daily goal. With time, you would have achieved a lot before you know it.

15. Seek for Advice: Nothing more advisable than asking for advice. As the saying goes “He who asks doesn’t lack”. Be it knowledge or help. Seeking advice is just like getting information you did not pay for.

16. Eat healthy: In everything you do, make sure you eat, and eat healthy food. This will help you become more healthy and productive.

17. Learn to forgive: Living everyday like it’s your last is a life worth living. Make forgiveness part of your daily goals to have a complete free life or worse and mind disturbing and distracting issues. Everyday you will be offended, everyday you should learn to forgive.

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18. Practice tiny gain: Most people want instant gratification, quick results of things they know they can’t achieve instantly when in their right minds. But sadly the world we live in has more pace than we can ever imagine. The more work gets easier with the use of technology the more people want results at an instance.

Putting tiny gains into daily goals and practising every skill, splitting or breaking every rigorous task in bits can do a lot of help. It does not matter how long you start, what matters is how well you have gone and what you are able to achieve. Sometimes achieving a certain thing or plan can be very cumbersome. Splitting it into a daily task can make you achieve better results. Irrespective of how long it takes, all that matters is the result. Remember, slow and steady wins.

19. Watch of motivational video: Many people do not know how to get back on track or to their winning ways simply because they lack motivation. Reason being, they do not make motivational talk a practice. Try to always spend at least 30mins on daily motivational videos. I don’t mean your religious leader’s speech, I mean random motivational speech from philosophers and great thinkers.

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20. Reduce social media visit: Without a doubt, the cause of depression, moodswing, heartbreak, peer pressure and other mental damage is as a result of how we make social media influence our daily life. To combat this kind of lifestyle, knowing that social media is a place for insanity is one way to avoid the harbour it brings to ourselves. Many things are happening on the internet that people want for themselves but forget to realise that 90% of them are fake and fantasy that can never come into reality. Avoid frequent daily social media visits, reduce how you visit the place to avoid being intimidated.

21. Spend time quiet: Have some quiet time with yourself. Learn to speak with your inner mind and let it connect with you spiritually, physically and mentally. Quiet time with yourself purifies the mind, Set quiet time for yourself as one of the major daily goals to achieve in strengthening your mind.

22. Avoid liabilities: If you truly want to set yourself free of financial troubles is to stay away from liabilities. This liability can come in the form of anything, such as human, personal responsibilities or materialistic things. Sometimes, your boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, and even parents can be a great liability. Though only few people understand this fact. Anyone who keeps demanding and demanding from you without a very good reason or not productive is a liability. Avoid liability by putting this into your monthly goals.