Life is filled with opportunities, if you lose the first chance does not mean you can not have a second but taking the risk to lose the first can be your last chance, this is why it’s best to take advantage of opportunities as soon as it comes.

There is a popular saying which says “opportunity comes but once“. Contrary to this school of thought however, opportunity comes every time staring us at the face.

Unfortunately, most human beings do not have the hindsight to identify opportunities when they see one. This is because most times, opportunity comes wrapped up in challenges.

As such, a lot only see the challenges and never see the opportunities inherent in them. This culminates in a situation where individuals throw away opportunities, thinking they are challenges.

How to take advantage of

“Most times opportunities come in disguise, mostly as a challenge. It’s only when you give it  a shot you can hit the target” 

Maximizing Opportunities

In view of this, we can assert that in order not to miss out on opportunities in life, individuals must always be willing to face and overcome challenges.

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This is first factor that ensures that a person maximizes opportunities Another factor that ensures the maximization of opportunities is thorough

 Training : Training helps to prepare individuals for possible eventualities that may be required of them in order to take advantage of opportunities that may come their way in the nearest future.

For instance, whenever there is a vacancy for a job in an organization, the common trend is that we see graduates of different higher institutions of learning showing interest in the job and consequently applying for such jobs. The reason why graduates are the only ones who are expected to apply for such kinds of jobs, is because they are the ones who are prepared for the job.

Last on the list of factors that ensures opportunities are maximized by

individual preparation : With proper preparation in place, one is adequately harmed with experiences, as the knowledge that is required to scale through certain challenges and maximize opportunities.

How To Take Advantage Of Opportunities

Being prepared, quick adaptation and knowing how to manage and take advantage of resource is the best way to take advantage of opportunities