Stop being an option

To stop being an option is straightforward if the rules are  followed strictly. The irony is, People will continually perceive you as a choice because you view yourself not as a priority, but rather as an alternative to others. Being excessively accessible to others solidifies you as an option in their minds.

People will always attempt to exploit those who possess discipline and come from a solid background, recognizing the significance of loyalty and showing respect.


Stop being an option


Many of these individuals are those who don’t see value in aiding others during times of hardship or when overwhelmed by responsibilities. Assisting these people isn’t an issue, but exploiting your kind intentions by treating you as an option is clearly inappropriate.

Those who perceive you as an option do so due to your constant availability, a pattern you must change. Instead, they take the liberty to treat you as an option, engaging with you for passing moments while prioritizing others.

Often, individuals labeled as options face circumstances where they are less fortunate in comparison. Whether it’s at work, in friendships, with family, or within relationships, these individuals are utilized as tools for essential tasks. 

Regrettably, the compensation for their endeavors is meager, and their hard work is sometimes met with complaints.

The irony lies in the fact that these same people lavish praise, appreciation, and rewards upon those they consider priorities. Meanwhile, individuals who contribute even more receive minimal recognition or compensation.

The time has come to cease being an option. Rather than serving as a mere instrument for others’ advancement without being valued, it’s preferable to stand as an independent individual and a priority to oneself. I understand you share this sentiment. Here’s what you can do to shift from being an option to becoming a priority in the eyes of others.

Ceasing to Be an Option:

  • Availability Control: Limit your availability.
  • Embrace Independence: Foster self-reliance.
  • Enhance Personal Value: Continuously improve yourself.
  • Empower Choice: Recognize and embrace choices.
  • Assert Your Rights: Be aware of your rights and limits.
  • Self-Examination: Reflect on barriers to progress.
  • Balance Loyalty: Be loyal judiciously.
  • Add Value: Engage in endeavors that enrich you, thus elevating you to a priority status.

By implementing these steps, you’ll transition from being an option to becoming a priority.


Steps to Break Free from Being an Option

  1. Unavailability: At times, to stop being an option, it’s necessary to undertake actions that garner respect from others, even if it involves projecting a façade. This concept was explored in an earlier article I authored. Disclosing every aspect of your life and relinquishing your privacy isn’t worthwhile. When people grasp your value, they tend to evaluate whether you match their standards. Falling short could result in being relegated to an option instead of a priority.
  2. Independence: Those unable to stand on their own will always remain an option. Upholding your commitments and maintaining your stance independently, without leaning on others, positions you as a priority rather than a mere choice.
  3. Value Creation: Assess your self-worth to determine your value. If you hold significant value, it becomes difficult for others to consider you as a mere option. Continual self-improvement is key to enhancing your self-worth.
  4. Empowerment of Choice: Recognizing your choices in every situation is vital. Though your options might be limited, viewing them as choices rather than options is crucial. The moment your choices transform into options, you risk becoming an option for others.
  5. Asserting Your Rights: Many people are unaware of their rights, merely following the crowd due to situational factors. Understanding your boundaries and capabilities empowers you to make assertive decisions. Such self-awareness prevents you from being relegated to an option by others.
  6. Self-Reflection: Identify barriers hindering your progress. Unrecognized distractions can impede growth. Stagnation diminishes your chances of being prioritized by others.
  7. Loyalty Balance: Loyalty is commendable for demonstrating respect and strong principles. However, it’s unfortunate that some unworthy individuals exploit this loyalty, seeing you as an option.


How to stop being an option

Break free by discontinuing your constant availability, fostering independence, cultivating personal value, embracing choices, understanding your rights, engaging in self-examination, moderating excessive loyalty, and actively pursuing actions that enhance your worth. These measures collectively elevate you to a priority position instead of an option.