Guys can be unpredictable at times, playing two cards at once, he might simply try to keep two and decide on which to check out. If you notice any lack of commitment and inconsistency, it might simply indicate signs he loves his side chick still.

By nature, men are designed to be unfixed when it comes to choice. Choosing a reliable partner is always a priority weight on a pendulum, he always looks for a balance, especially when his girlfriend isn’t providing the necessary characters or attributes associated with his way of life, or his plan.

Fixing side chick issues requires you to engage yourself in open communication and a willingness to understand each other's needs. Your relationship shouldn't be one sided. - Signs he loves his side chick.

However, the signs he loves his side chick can be tricky to detect at times as men can be very weird when deciding on things like this. He might love you and also loves his side chick. 

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On the other hand, he may genuinely care for you while maintaining a side relationship to complement his lifestyle.

Understanding whether there are qualities in his side chick that fulfill aspects not found in your connection could provide valuable insights into his motivations.

Expressing affection for a side chick can sometimes serve as a strategic form of self-defense or reassurance.

It becomes a contingency plan, ensuring a fallback option in case one relationship faces challenges or disappointments.

This nuanced approach provides a safety net, allowing for emotional support or companionship in times of uncertainty.

This is why when you keep an eye on the signs he loves his side chick, also be prepared and determined to adjust your old ways or wrongs you may have noticed in your love journey.

This will help you fix the problem rather than knowing the problem and not doing anything about it.

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Sigs He Loves His Side Chick Even More


  • Inconsistency:
  • Low level commitment:
  • Lacks communication:
  • Indecisive characters:
  • Sense you aren’t his priority:
  • Spends less time with you:
  • Keep his phone away:
  • You lacks freedom to come around at anytime:
  • He feel insecure:
  • He wants more privacy:
  • You just don’t fit in his plans:


  1. Inconsistency: Detecting inconsistency in things he does for the relationship is one of the signs he loves his side chick. Notice any erratic behaviour or sudden changes in his actions, as inconsistency may indicate a divided focus between you and his side chick. Observe abrupt shifts in communication or emotional availability. If he is inconsistent without genuine reasons, you should doubt him.
  2. Low Level of Commitment: Assess the depth of commitment in your relationship by gauging his level of involvement and dedication. Signs of minimal effort or a lack of willingness to invest time and energy could suggest divided loyalties.
  3. Lacks Open Communication: Communication is a key pillar in any relationship. If there’s a noticeable lack of open communication or transparency, it should suggest to be one of the signs he loves his side chick. This sign that important aspects of his life, such as his involvement with a side chick, are being kept hidden.
  4. Indecisive Characters: Watch for indecisive behaviors or an inability to make clear commitments. If he appears torn between two worlds or unwilling to define the nature of your relationship, it could signify his involvement with someone else.
  5. Sense You Aren’t His Priority: Feelings of neglect or a consistent sense that you aren’t a top priority in his life may be indicative of divided affections. Assess if your emotional needs are being met and if you sense a lack of genuine prioritization in your relationship.
  6. Spends Less Time with You: Take note if there’s a significant decrease in the time he spends with you. A sudden shift in priorities may signal the presence of someone else in his life, such as a side chick.
  7. Keeps His Phone Away: Pay attention to his behavior regarding his phone. If he consistently keeps it away or becomes secretive about messages and calls, it could be an indicator of communication with someone he doesn’t want you to know about.
  8. You Lack Freedom to Come Around Anytime: Evaluate the level of freedom you have to visit or spend time with him spontaneously. If restrictions arise and he becomes hesitant about your unplanned presence, it may suggest a desire to control when and how you interact.
  9. He Feels Insecure: Assess his overall demeanor for signs of insecurity. If he appears uneasy or defensive when discussing your relationship or becomes overly protective of his personal space, it might indicate internal conflicts related to his involvement with someone else.
  10. He Wants More Privacy: If he expresses an increased need for privacy without clear reasons, its one of major signs he loves his side chick still, consider it a potential red flag. Seeking excessive privacy can be a way to conceal activities or relationships that he may not be comfortable sharing.
  11. You Just Don’t Fit in His Plans: Reflect on whether your future together aligns with his plans. If you sense a lack of inclusion in his long-term goals or if he avoids discussions about the future, it may be a signal that you don’t fit into his primary plans.


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Fixing side chick issues requires you to engage yourself in open communication and a willingness to understand each other’s needs. Your relationship shouldn’t be one sided.

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As a lady, submitting to a man completely is a very good start to a healthy relationship, however, you have to be such if your man whom you have given your all is commitmented to the relationship.

Every woman who wants the best out of her man should be willing to be responsible in creating values to the relationship which should directly affect his life positively. 

No man wants to keep a liability. Being a liability does not literally mean a woman who demands for money but she without bringing anything to the table. As a woman, you have to be productive and also a joy giver to your man.

Keep in mind that it is not in man’s nature to submit or submit completely to a woman but the level of commitment should speak louder and be more convincing to you if he still has any other affairs outside of the relationship.