Why do good things happen to bad people" rests upon our ability to release any expectation of fairness in life's outcomes for the unjust. 

Life’s uncertainty and unpredictability are significant factors contributing to the occurrence of why good things happen to bad people .

Human control over life’s outcomes is limited. Nature’s unpredictability prevents us from accurately forecasting what it will bestow upon us. 

While we employ various forms of reasoning to analyse potential outcomes, there remain aspects we leave to nature’s course, accepting the uncertainty inherent in existence.

This uncertainty contributes to life’s apparent unfairness. At times, individuals who don’t appear deserving receive positive outcomes.

Why do good things happen to bad people" rests upon our ability to release any expectation of fairness in life's outcomes for the unjust. 

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Our human judgement lacks the accuracy to determine who deserves what nature bestows upon the world. We’re not equipped to accurately judge, much like how higher animals cannot fully control or comprehend the intricacies of life’s outcomes. 

This complexity often leads to situations where the seemingly undeserving receive favourable circumstances, emphasising the limitations of our judgement within the greater scheme of nature’s unpredictability.


The world is a mysterious place where humans are still yet to understand some phenomenon of the world, what nature offers and what is yet to come.


In this case, good things happen to bad people because we are diverse and programmed differently. Same reason why some people prefer cold weather and others don’t.  


If you need cold weather but nature provides you with heat, it is obvious that there is nothing you can do to override the outcome. However,  the best way to avert this is to look for likely solutions.

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The beauty of life is you can either modify what life offers or manifest whatever you want. 


Life’s outcomes can be complex and influenced by various factors, sometimes unrelated to a person’s actions or character.  To increase the chance of your expectations, you are required to grow your mindset .


It’s a part of life’s unpredictability, we just have to adapt to the turn of life and when life chooses to bless the bad people while sidelining the good people, you have to overlook and wait for your own good.


Karma and its Good Fortune

“Why do good things happen to bad people” can be traced to Karma.  “Karma and it’s good fortune” refers to how nature plays its role in rewarding an action with an outcome that best suits the experience.

Karma is generally believed to be an act of cause and effect, given that whether good or bad action, influences the events we experience. 

However, the ideology behind karma can not always be accurate, as some people who engage in negative actions get a better  experience of positive outcomes, resulting in a questionable fallacy to doubt its judgement. 

In this context, “Karma and good fortune” stands in between human and fate, where a person who acts unjustly can still be  favoured. 

So, while the thought belief system of karma implies that good actions should always yield good outcomes and bad actions should produce negative outcomes.

The fact has never been consistent or indubitably true, the reality happens to appear inaccurate, leaving room for the possibility of unexpected and unforeseen outcomes  proving unjustly good for those who don’t deserve it.


Why do good things happen to bad people?

The inquiry into “Why do good things happen to bad people” rests upon our ability to release any expectation of fairness in life’s outcomes for the unjust. 


Instead, it hinges on personal dedication to unwaveringly do good without anticipation of reward. 


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Life possesses boundless goodness to bestow upon everyone. Choosing kindness toward the unjust doesn’t diminish the capacity to do even greater good for the just.